What you should know about ISO 22000 and your business?

HACCPOver the past few Decades, there is been advancement in the development of food safety standards. Many businesses refer to the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) guidelines in ensuring food safety and quality in the production plant level. Buyers and retailers in the food industry supply chain have requirements, based on their conditions. By way of instance, US retailers should comply with particular and onerous food safety requirements and they pass them for their providers that are overseas.

The Effect of ISO 22000

Given concerns about Food safety as well as the criteria, the global body responsible for standardization, ISO, chose to generate a food safety standard. The ISO 22000 was established in 2005 so as to satisfy this condition. ISO 22000 has turned into among the most recognized international food safety criteria. It records over 60 codes of practice and principle documents.

A casual survey on the effect of ISO 22000 on sectors was run in 2008.

Category | Quantity of Certificates

– Catering | 164

– Food chip | 149

– Dairy chip | 116

– Beverage manufacturer/winery | 90

– Meat/poultry chip | 72

– Ingredients | 66

– Packaging | 54

– Confectionery | 51

– Fruit and vegetable chip | 46

– Distributors and Handlers | 45

– Origin manufacturer | 32

– Seafood/fish chip | 25

– Bakery | 25

Since the table above Reveals Chứng Nhận ISO 22000 has to be adopted in the industry, however a Variety of establishments from small restaurants to large College cafeterias and Resorts have found the standard. There is no defined Benchmark for categorization of all NCR’s, therefore if categorization is to be implemented the methods are needed to be characterized by the auditing company and made apparent to the auditee at the onset of the audit. Categorization of NCR Should is based into influence and the FSMS/legislation on its own threat and product/process. Observations will need to encourage the grading.

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