From Delivery to Home: Things to Think About when Preparing for Your First Baby

So you survived nine months of being pregnant, and who-knows how many hours of labor, and now you want to transport your son or daughter home. You have been dreaming about this moment in so much detail that you probably feel sure that you have factored in every possible pitfall. Still, there is bound to be something not calculated in that comes up or that detail you’re wishing someone had brought up before. in this article I list 7 aspects you should know when preparing for the arrival of your first son or daughter.

Pack loose fitting clothes to wear home. All parents worry about how to attire the little one for her trip home, but a number fail to plan accurately for themselves. A new mom’s body has recently dealt with a traumatic event. Her body will be sore and tender for some length of time, and she will retain some “baby weight.” The chances of her body eventually getting back to pre-pregnancy form are low, let alone for a while after delivering a baby. Of course this is not invariably a problem, it just tells you that your previous clothes won’t fit the same. So, bring baggy, easy to put on, ensembles that will be comfortable and comforting. You have lots of time to fit back into skinny jeans, so do not worry about that now.

While you’re still in the hospital, it’s smart to check the date of your first appointment. The initial appointment will most likely be a week following baby’s arrival, but be certain you have written down exactly when.

Don’t be shy. You will come up with so many questions as soon as the baby has been delivered. You possibly feel too embarrassed to ask, but any hospital staff expects you to ask anything. No matter how silly your thoughts may be, go ahead and ask. Keep in mind, it is better to know than to not ask and be ignorant.

Put the baby seat in the car early. Put the baby’s car seat in at home when you can plan for lots of time to ensure it is secure. If you have doubts, contact the staff at the hospital or get in touch with the area fire station. Usually, they are glad to help you make sure the seat is safe.


It can be an emotional experience. Of course, you will experience joy with your child. However, you will also be nervous, drained, irritated, easy to snap, impatient, depressed, and scared. That is the norm. Between the hormonal changes happening in your body and the momentous life-shift taking place in your home, it is healthy to feel many separate emotions at the same time. Yet, if melancholy and anger are too much or do not fade, call your doctor. Post-partum depression is a serious thing and should always be treated as soon as possible.

Remember that you can use the sleep, too. Take power naps. Many times, new moms and dads push themselves and want to use baby’s nap time to complete everyday chores. They believe that the dishes need to be caught up on and sleep is a luxury. But really, paper plates are ok, and getting sufficient rest is a necessity. You won’t be able to be an effective parent if you are worn out to exhaustion. So, take the time of your little one’s sleepiness, and be ready for a little sleep too.

Get a bouncy seat or swing. Of all the wonderful baby items in the world, one of the most underrated is the bouncy seat. Say you must clean an immediate spill, or absolutely need to take a shower. A bouncy chair gives you those few moments, even when the baby is not asleep.

Those seven points are just a few of the unexpected stuff to prepare for when planning to bring your new infant home. Ask friends and acquaintences who are parents what they wish someone had shared with them they brought home their first infant. And above all else, have faith in yourself. As long as your baby is safe, fed and healthy, everything else is icing on the cake!

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